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Time 2.0

The Challenge Develop a concept system that allows the users to think about time in a different way, we approached this with a career map in mind. This design visually shows the strength and weaknesses of current, past, and future connections that the user would come into contact with over time. The design allows the users to see a gradient which signifies the strength of the connection, also we used the concept of tree rings to allow the users to visually see how long they have been apart of a particular group. For further explanation about this project feel free to send me a message and I would be happy to talk to you about the design process in depth. Who Teammate; Liz Mikolaj, Muruvvet Demiral, Adam Williams (left team because of curveball) The Process - Develop conversations and establish ideas about what we think the problem entails. - Create a schedule to meet the specified deadline. - Develop methods of research through interviews, observation, and surveys.

- We received a curveball that took one team member away and added another.

- Catch the new team member up to speed on the design process.

- Create personas to fit the role of our user.

- Use affinity diagrams to develop concept ideas to further interate on.

- Sketch ideas about possible concepts, come to an agreement about a design to refine. - Develop a low fidelity prototype in order to test the design. - Usability test the design and take the feedback into consideration for iteration on the design. - Refine the design and submit for the deadline. Methods Used for Design Ideation, Research, Observation, Interviews, Team Protocols, Sketching, Prototyping, Usability Testing, Iteration, Personas, Project Presentation, Design Documentation.

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