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Axure Wire Framing Project

The Challenge

Develop a one page experience using Axure Pro, a wire framing tool that develops skills on how to effectively create a website prototype. This design came from a number of ideas that allowed us to freely go in any direction in developing our concept.


Teammate; Vamsi Pasupuleti

The Process

- Ideas on what we think a "one page" experience actually entails.

- Create a schedule to meet the specified deadline.

- Develop a thought process for how our users will interact with our site.

- Create personas to fit the role of our user.

- Sketch ideas about possible concepts, come to an agreement about a design to refine.

- Get inside of Axure and actually start wire framing, learning the tool.

- Develop a prototype that users can actually interact with in order to test the design.

- Usability test the design and take the feedback into consideration for iteration.

- Refine the design and submit for the deadline.

Methods Used for Design

Ideation, Research, Observation, Interviews, Team Protocols, Sketching, Prototyping, Usability Testing, Iteration, Personas, Project Presentation, Design Documentation.

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